Board Rates

12 x 16 fully covered pipe corral with Nelson waterers - $400/month includes turn out 3-4 times weekly into attached 1 acre dry lot pasture.

24 x 24 pipe corral with shelter - $375/month

24 x 24 deluxe pipe corral with larger shelter and wind break $400/month

24 x 24 corral in Mare Motel - $400/month includes daily turn outs into attached dry lot pasture.

Extra Services
Blanketing - $80/month

Blanket only or unblanket only $50/month
Graining & Supplements (you provide) - $40/month
Extra feed (2 flakes alfalfa daily) - $100/month

Constant supply of Orchard in slow feed nets $150/month
Turn Out (2 times a week) - $50/month 
Lunging (20 min) $15

Lunging (2 times a week) - $100/month
Exercise Ride arena or trail - $25
Veterinarian Assistance - $10
Farrier Assistance - $10
Wound care - TBD
Worming (we provide) - $20
Fly Spray applied daily as needed (you provide) - $25/month
Fly Spray (we provide) - $55/month
Grooming (3 times a week) - $50/month

Moon Dance Ranch provides many well maintained amenities which include but are not limited to:
100' x 200' Arena with lights
60' Round Pen with lights
1 Acre Turn Out Pasture
Wash Racks
Cross Ties

Tack rooms

Obstacle Course
and you can ride to miles of trails right off the property!!!

What We Offer

Standard Board
For horse owners who are able to visit at least twice every week and want to maintain and care for their horse themselves.  We feed a combination of premium Alfalfa, Teff and Bermuda grass hay twice daily and clean once a day and provide auto waterers.


Full Care Board/Retirement Board
For busy horse owners who are not able to make it every week.  Everything in Standard Board included as well as 4 times a week turnout, lunging or exercise ride if desired and grooming. Fly spray and fly mask as needed, quarterly deworming, monthly pysllium and bimonthly hoof trim (shoes extra).  $650/month


About Our Ranch

Chris and Jeff Rausten, the owners of Moon Dance Ranch have over 40 years of horse experience and live on site. We offer quality boarding with a personal touch.  We are a small ranch with 12 to 15 horses so your horse is not a number.  Each horse gets personalized care every day.  We are a friendly and drama free facility where you can have fun and be yourself.

Quality Horse Boarding in Riverside, California